DataCore Offers ROI Storage Analysis

DataCore Software, a provider of storage virtualization and networking software, has introduced a new storage consulting service.

DataCore said the new service, offered by DataCore’s Professional Services group, thoroughly analyzes the costs, return on investment (ROI), total cost of ownership, and payback periods of current and proposed storage configurations to ensure that the chosen storage strategy meets the stringent budgetary demands that face IT organizations today and that the infrastructure can scale to meet the never-ending growth in data storage.

“Storage is the one area of IT that continues to grow, despite the sluggish economy. Companies are rightfully very concerned about seeing tangible ROI for any new investments they make and are putting the pressure on senior IT executives to back their budgetary decisions with hard facts,” said Cindy Sauln, vice president customer programs and services at DataCore. “This service gives them the objective intelligence – and insight into the cost of their own operations – that they need to make cost-effective purchasing decisions.”

According to the company, the service, which builds on DataCore’s ROI/TCO Calculation tools, combines sophisticated operational and financial modeling, consulting and analysis to determine the tangible financial impact of various storage alternatives for a company’s storage networking infrastructure. First, the assessment puts a cash value on costs related to a company’s existing storage operations – including hardware, amount of application disruption, staff productivity and projections for future growth of stored data. Then, DataCore’s Professional Services Group gives users an insight into how different storage networking technologies – including virtualization, direct-attached storage, shared storage and disaster recovery – can impact the bottom line. A series of summaries, graphs and charts provide an easy-to-digest view of the data.

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