Dot Hill SANnet Systems Passes Verizon Fire Resistance Test

storage area network (SAN) solutions vendor Dot Hill Systems Corp. today announced that its SANnet systems have successfully passed the Verizon fire resistance test performed by the Huntsville, Alabama facility of Wyle Laboratories.

“We believe that data tone equipment needs to meet, as a minimum, the same reliability standards as dial tone equipment. Our SANnet storage systems are designed to pass the most rigorous equipment tests for dependability and survivability,” said Dana Kammersgard, co-founder and chief technology officer of Dot Hill. “This additional certification exceeds the NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) flammability test and reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with the most robust SAN systems in the industry. Our SANnet solutions keep our customers’ equipment and information safe and available during some of the worst possible disasters.”

“Fibre Channel and SCSI SANnet storage systems both passed the Verizon Fire Resistance Test, which is the most stringent equipment fire resistance tests in the telecommunications industry,” said Don Davis, Wyle test engineer. “We applied a controlled, direct flame into the units at several locations. The SANnet systems showed no visible burning of any exterior surface, and the smoke dissipated within the required time limit.”

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