Ecrix Introduces Two Terabytes Tape Library

Ecrix Corporation today announced the release of the VXA AutoPak 2×30 library for VXA data storage tape products. The VXA AutoPak 2×30 stores about two terabytes of data in an enclosure that can fit on a desk or occupy 5U of a rack enclosure.

According to Ecrix, the VXA AutoPak is fully automated and is designed for workgroups, small to medium enterprise networks and midrange servers. Two VXA-1 drives provide redundancy and increase data throughput up to a 12 MB/sec aggregate transfer rate in parallel data streams (2:1 compression). Equipped with two 15-cartridge magazines, the VXA AutoPak 2×30 has a total capacity of up to 1,980 GB (2:1 compression).

Retail prices start at $8,495 per system.

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