Eurologic Systems Earns Microsoft Certification

Eurologic(TM) Systems today announced that its SANbloc Series of network storage systems has achieved the advanced Microsoft for Windows 2000 Certification. SANbloc network storage systems are now both Windows 2000 and Windows NT certified for JBOD, RAID, and cluster environments.

Eurologic’s SANbloc, introduced to the market in January of this year, is, the company claims, the industry’s first 2Gbps Fibre Channel-ready network storage system designed to provide the optimum solution for rapidly evolving storage area network (SAN) environments. The SANbloc 2100 JBOD and SANbloc 2500 RAID systems have achieved certification for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. In addition, Eurologic’s SANbloc 2500 RAID system has achieved certification with Windows 2000 and Windows NT as a RAID cluster device, assuring interoperability while providing redundant load balancing for mission critical applications like database management, file and intranet file sharing, messaging, and e-commerce.

The Microsoft Windows certifications were coordinated through Eurologic’s LINK Alliance Program. Eurologic’s LINK program focuses on ensuring interoperability with all technologies through each layer of the SAN from the core storage hardware and software technology to the infrastructure and environment through the application and final solution.

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