Hostcentric Chooses Jareva for New Data Center

Jareva Technologies, Inc. this week announced that Hostcentric, Inc., an Internet Infrastructure Solutions provider, has signed on as a customer of its OpForce(TM) Systems Management Suite, an extensible data center operating environment.

Acting as an operating environment for comprehensive IT management, Jareva’s said OpForce Systems Management Suite provides for rapid provisioning and deployment into production and powerful remote access. It is designed to save and restore custom configurations and manages public and private IP addresses.

“As any IT professional knows, provisioning servers manually is a time- consuming and labor-intensive process,” said Alex Gadea, senior vice president of MS/ASP operations for Hostcentric. “We knew automation would decrease the amount of time and money spent on provisioning and managing our servers — but there were no solutions to this problem on the market. We were in the process of building an automatic system when we discovered OpForce, which integrates well with what we’ve already developed. Typically servers are provisioned manually over a 4 to 6 day period. Now, with OpForce, we can complete the work in 15 to 20 minutes.”

Jareva said its Elemental Platform currently supports a majority of the hardware, operating systems and network and storage solutions currently in use by enterprise and service providers today. Plus, new environments are constantly being qualified.

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