Intersil Unveils InfiniBand Hot Swap Controller

Intersil Corporation this week announced the Endura ISL6160, a single integrated circuit (IC) hot swap controller designed specifically for InfiniBand communications modules.

Intersil said the ISL6160 is part of its complete power solution reference design that saves InfiniBand module manufacturers board space, design costs and time to market. The ISL6160 precisely controls the flow of power to the InfiniBand communications module by providing protection from damaging surges and allowing safe replacement of an InfiniBand module (hot swap) without shutting the server or system down.

“InfiniBand eliminates the traffic jams that slow down data transfers between and within servers, storage arrays, and other systems that form the core of corporate networks and the Internet. To help enable this exciting new technology, Intersil now offers the world’s most complete and cost-effective power solution for InfiniBand module manufacturers,” said Rick Furtney, vice president and general manager of Intersil’s Analog Business Unit. “As members of the InfiniBand Trade Association, our engineers have worked concurrently with specification development to design the ISL6160 and the total power control solution needed to ensure reliable, uninterrupted service in these server systems.”

The ISL6160 is available now.

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