Merlin Delivers New Line for NAS Market

Merlin Software Technologies International Inc. announced a new line of network attached appliances.

“The Essential Server NAS+ is the first product in our line of network attached appliances,” said Robert Heller, CEO of Merlin. “We have been working closely with our value added resellers (VAR) to design and develop a line of products that provide real solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises. The response to our products has been extremely encouraging and we will be rolling out additional models in the near future.”

“Every VAR that has had a demonstration of the Essential Server to date, is certain that they can sell this product,” said Cheryl McReynolds, VP of Sales at Merlin. “It is an affordable solution that fits a current business need and is easy to install and manage.”
“Essential Server NAS+ solves the business need for reliable data storage, with a strong emphasis on recovery and backup solutions. Data has become one of a company’s most valuable assets, and the Essential Server protects businesses from catastrophic data loss,” said Mike Rauscher, director of Product Marketing. “Merlin has developed a NAS solution that provides both a low cost of ownership and a data management solution that is easily deployed and managed.”

At an entry-level price of $995.00 USD, Merlin said its products are a perfect fit for a small to medium-sized business, regional office, or corporate department.

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