MiraLink Announces Plug-And-Play Data Backup And Recovery

MiraLink(R) Corp. today announced Principia, which MiraLink says allows enterprise customers to mirror their mission-critical data over inexpensive IP-based or wide-area network (WAN) links.

According to MiraLink, Principia is targeted at organizations that are required by law to implement disaster planning and recovery solutions, such as large financial institutions and public utilities. MiraLink says customers plug Principia into their primary file server as a SCSI-connected (Small Computer Systems Interface) or SAN-connected (Storage Area Network) storage device or disk, enabling them to mirror data locally or remotely in an open server environment.

Principia’s features the SNMP(simple network management protocol)and a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) to allow administrators to manage their Principia appliances over an IP connection. Network managers can monitor the mirroring transactions and network configuration, as well as setup alerts and implement IP addresses from a Web browser.

Two versions of Principia are available. A SCSI-based edition is priced at $24,985 and a SAN-based version is priced at $29,985, both for an unlimited number of users. Principia works with all server operating systems.

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