Mountain View Data Releases SnapFS Beta

Mountain View Data last week announced the availability of the beta version of SnapFS(TM) with a demonstration at Storage Networking World.

According to the company, SnapFS(TM) captures and retains multiple snapshot versions of files and folders, enabling administrators to quickly restore systems to older versions when necessary and make backups without impacting live file systems. Mountain View claims SnapFS is the first and only snapshotting system for Linux. It features advanced journal recovery; high scalability and LAN free backup support; support for recovery of unbootable systems, and for database backups; addition of SnapFS functionality to existing disk file system layouts without reformatting or data migration; rollback to current and old snapshots in the original disk layout; dynamic snapshot addition and removal; XML-based configuration and management.

The SnapFS beta is currently available for the Linux 2.2 kernel in conjunction with the Ext3 journal file system, and can be downloaded at

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