MTI Announces New Business Continuance Software

MTI Technology Corp., a provider of storage and business solutions, this week unveiled its new DataSentry(TM) 2.0 hardware-based data replication solution for the company’s Vivant(TM) V Series of network storage solutions.

MTI said DataSentry expands the Vivant’s business continuity capabilities by allowing multiple data processing tasks to be performed simultaneously, and simplifying enterprise storage management.

According to the company, MTI DataSentry 2.0 generates background copies of active production data on both a local and/or remote basis. As a result, MTI said DataSentry accelerates business processes by allowing multiple applications to work on duplicate sets of data simultaneously, minimizes system downtime by enabling key activities such as serverless backup/restore and batch processing to be performed while normal operations continue, improves decision making by permitting more frequent and less disruptive data warehouse loading and refreshing, and reduces storage complexity by centralizing management.

“As the sheer amount of data continues to grow, MTI DataSentry 2.0 enables our customers to compress their workloads, allowing them to get more done within the same period of time,” said Marc Nussbaum, senior vice president of engineering at MTI. “By allowing multiple tasks to be performed in parallel without interrupting normal operations, we can dramatically enhance our customers’ key business activities and productivity without interrupting their access to critical information.”

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