NEC Inks OEM Pact with nStor

Data-storage concern nStor Technologies said it has signed an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) agreement with NEC Corp..

nStor officials said NEC has selected the NexStor storage systems for use with product offerings it will be announcing later this year. These NEC branded products will be based on the NexStor 1202F and 3250F, and customized to NEC specifications.

nStor said it has already delivered the NexStor 1202F, the world’s first 2U, 12-drive Fibre Channel storage solution, to NEC. The system is capable of storing up to 876GB of data in only 3.5″ (2U) of rack space when utilizing 73GB drives. The NexStor 3250F is an active/active RAID version of this storage system.

“This is an important new OEM customer for nStor, further demonstrating the success of our product in this market,” said Jim Habuda, vice president of worldwide OEM and indirect sales for nStor Technologies, in a statement. “NEC is the dominant computer systems supplier in Japan, owning in excess of a 30% market share. When production shipments start later this year, this relationship will represent significant new revenues for nStor, and it marks the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship with NEC. Shipment
of the 1202F have already begun for integration into new NEC products that will be announced later this year.”

The NexStor 1202F and the NexStor 3250 utilize the same 19″ rack mount enclosure that supports up to 12 one-inch Fibre Channel disk drives in only 3.5″ of vertical space, making it the most densely packed storage system on the market. The rack-mountable enclosure, with a customizable front panel, has been engineered to provide the maximum level of reliable fault tolerance and performance. The built-in hot swappable loop resiliency circuit (LRC) cards eliminate signal degradation that can result in unreliable Fibre Channel loop operation when an enclosure simply relies on disk drives to re-time the signal. This
technology provides extremely reliable high performance over the Fibre Channel interface and acts as an active hub for connecting cabinets. The integrated SES-compliance card assures easy monitoring of all integrated Fibre Channel components as well as the overall storage enclosure environment. Other features include dual power cords, as well as hot-swappable drives, fans and power supplies.

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