NetOctave Announces FlowThrough Security Architecture

NetOctave, a developer of silicon-based SSL and IPsec network security solutions, today announced a new product family for the IP Storage market.

According to the company, the NSP4000-Storage Product Family will provide integrated, wire-speed security processing for OEM manufacturers of storage-related network equipment. NetOctave said the first product in the new product family, the NSP4200, uses NetOctave’s FlowThrough(TM) Security Architecture and delivers full-duplex 10 Gigabit Ethernet encrypted performance in high-performance applications, including storage arrays, Fibre Channel-IP (FCIP) bridges, storage routers and host bus adapters for large multi-processor servers.

“Strong, standards-based security is critical to realizing the promise of IP networks as conduits for sharing sensitive data among multiple data centers and users in a widespread corporation. Full line rate performance must be maintained within this secure environment,” said NetOctave president and CEO Rick Hegberg. “NetOctave’s NSP4200 Security Processor addresses this critical element of the storage market by delivering 10 Gigabit Ethernet encrypted throughput in a single-chip solution. NetOctave sees great opportunity in this market space.”


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