New Super DLT Product Roadmap Tops 1 TB

Quantum Corporation’s DLTtape(TM) Group today announced a technology development roadmap for its new-generation DLTtape technology. The new roadmap, which extends through 2007, takes DLTtape technology through four generations to a capacity of 1.2 terabytes on a single cartridge.

The new product development roadmap takes DLTtape technology to a native capacity of 1.2 terabytes (2.4 terabytes compressed) on a single cartridge, with a transfer rate of over 100 MB/s (megabytes per second). For comparison, 1.2 TB of storage capacity is the equivalent of more than 300 digitized feature-length films on one cartridge that is about half the size of a videocassette tape. The first generation Super DLT drive, the SDLT 220, has a per-cartridge capacity of 110 GB and runs at 11 MB/s.

Barbara Nelson, president, Quantum DLTtape Group said, “Our new DLTtape product roadmap keeps Super DLT products ahead of the exploding storage needs of IT organizations worldwide, by offering the successively greater capacity and speed they need to make full backups every day, which is becoming standard practice.”

“By 2007, Super DLT drives will have the ability to accommodate more than a terabyte of data on a single cartridge in just over three hours,” continued Nelson. “Customers want to know that the tape platform they have depended on for over a decade and are investing in today, is extendable for several generations into the future. Our new DLTtape product roadmap delivers that confidence.”


The next major milestone on the roadmap is the introduction of the SDLT 320, with initial shipments scheduled before the end of this year. The SDLT 320 will deliver 160 GB of native storage and a transfer rate of 16 MB/s, a 45% increase in both capacity and speed over the SDLT 220. Subsequent product launches are scheduled at intervals of approximately 18 months.

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