Nishan Systems LINKs with Eurologic

Eurologic(TM) Systems, a provider of network storage solutions for the OEM, indirect channel, and vertical market applications markets, announced that Nishan Systems, a supplier of native IP storage solutions, has joined its LINK Alliance Program.

Under the LINK program, Eurologic and Nishan are collaborating at all levels of the product cycle to ensure that Eurologic’s SCSI RAID and storage management technology interoperate seamlessly with Nishan’s family of IP storage switches in SAN environments.

According to the companies, Nishan offers a way to integrate Fibre Channel, SCSI, and IP together using an IP network backbone. In such environments, interoperability testing among legacy devices, fabric switches, host-based adapters, and applications is essential for seamless operation of the storage network.

Nick Thickins, director of applications marketing for Eurologic Systems, said, “Excellent performance was achieved when distance testing Eurologic’s SCSI network storage system and Nishan’s IPS 2000 series switches in the interoperability lab, and no loss of functionality was observed during testing of Eurologic’s in-band storage management software in the configuration. The combined strengths of our respective products into solutions will advance SAN connectivity beyond its current capabilities.”

“Nishan is proud to be a member of the Eurologic Systems LINK Alliance testing and marketing partnership,” said Aamer Latif, president and CEO of Nishan Systems. “We are extremely pleased to note that Nishan’s IPS 2000 series switches successfully completed all interoperability tests with Eurologic’s network storage subsystems and in-band management software with best-of-breed performance.”

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