nStor Introduces the High-Density SCSI Storage Systems

Data storage provider nStor Technologies this week introduced the NexStor line of Ultra160 SCSI storage systems. Comprised of the 802S/1202S JBOD modules and the 3000S series of RAID systems, the company said this new line powerfully addresses the needs of the SCSI market with industry-leading levels of density, scalability, and performance.

“Dense packaging is the future of enterprise storage,” said Larry Hemmerich, president and chief executive officer, nStor Technologies. “Data center space is at a premium for today’s businesses, due to its skyrocketing costs and low availability. The NexStor family of 2U and 3U products are aimed squarely at this challenge, giving companies the ability to easily scale as their information storage needs grow.”

The company said the NexStor 802S and 1202S are JBOD storage systems that provide tremendous capacity in a very compact space. They claim the NexStor 802S can support up to eight 1-inch or 1.6-inch drives, providing up to 1.44 TB of storage capacity in only 3.5 inches (2U) of rack space when utilizing 180 GB drives. The 1202S is said to support up to twelve 1-inch drives, providing a total of 432 GB of storage capacity in the same 2U form factor. To keep the disk drives (10,000 or 15,000 RPM) cool in such densely packed storage systems, nStor said its patent-pending 2U enclosure provides excellent airflow to keep drive temperatures well within recommended ranges.

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