Storage Platform 1.1 Pulls Into Driveway

Infrastructure software provider Driveway Corp. this week introduced Driveway Storage Platform (DSP) 1.1, which they describe as an enterprise-class Internet-enabled file management software solution. The software product is the first offering since the company’s corporate repositioning in February 2001.

According to Driveway, DSP 1.1 provides extranet file sharing enabling businesses to securely share files inside the enterprise and with external customers and suppliers. The company said the Web-based collaboration platform is a fully integrated solution that offers customers a cost effective, secure and efficient way to access files anywhere, anytime.

“The Driveway Storage Platform provides an Internet technology that truly increases productivity by giving users the capability to manage and distribute documents inside and outside the corporate network,” said Phil Constinatinou, CEO of Driveway Corp. “By utilizing DSP 1.1, our customers can create rich relationships with customers and suppliers in addition to achieving increased productivity and cost savings internally.”

Key features of the Driveway Storage Platform 1.1 release include: Desktop and wireless access; external directory integration; enterprise-level security; user notification; address book; virus scanning; e-mail and fax integration capabilities; scalability to millions of users; and configuration, installation, reporting, management and monitoring tools.

The Driveway Storage Platform 1.1 release is currently available for licensing.

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