OTG and webMethods Partner

OTG Software Inc., a provider of online data storage, data access and email management solutions, and webMethods Inc., a provider of integration software, announced a partnership that allows OTG customers to tie their OTG content, messaging and storage management solutions into an integrated enterprise infrastructure.

OTG said it will provide an intelligent adapter to connect its XtenderSolutions(R) software to the webMethods integration platform, providing integration between OTG’s software and other applications within the enterprise. In addition to offering the adapter to customers, OTG will resell the webMethods integration platform.

“Together, OTG and webMethods are delivering a solid offering that can meet a company’s need to integrate content management solutions with other applications throughout their company,” said David Mitchell, president and COO of webMethods. “Both companies are focused on unlocking information stored throughout a company and repurposing it for business value. Through our collaboration, we can make this value proposition a business reality.”

“The partnership with webMethods further strengthens our strategy of delivering real solutions to real businesses,” said William Caple, executive vice president of OTG. “Content management, messaging and storage management solutions play a key role in managing the information critical for business success. Through our partnership with webMethods, our applications will provide access to a wide variety of content, adding value to multiple applications across the enterprise.”

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