PowerQuest Introduces Drive Image 5.0

PowerQuest(R) Corporation, a provider of storage management solutions, today announced the release of Drive Image(R) 5.0, the newest version of its imaging solution to back up, restore and upgrade a hard drive.

The company said QuickImage(TM), a new Windows-based user interface, allows the user to create and restore images without having to manually boot down to DOS and enables the user to schedule automatic backups of a hard drive. Drive Image 5.0 automatically creates an exact image of the hard drive for easy disaster recovery or upgrade to a new system, reducing user intervention to free up valuable time for other functions. Drive Image 5.0 also adds native support for Windows XP, enhanced CD-R/W support and PCMCIA drive support for increased functionality and faster and more efficient imaging.

    Other New Features include:
     --  Virtual Floppy technology and VF Editor(TM) - Drive Image 5.0
         includes Virtual Floppy technology, which eliminates the need for
         boot floppies, and the PowerQuest utility, VF Editor, which allows
         users to custom-build their own Virtual Floppy file.  VF Editor is
         useful for customers who need to load custom drivers.
     --  Bootable CD - The Drive Image 5.0 program CD is bootable for
         emergency situations.
     --  Large drive support - Drive Image 5.0 supports imaging functions on
         hard drives up to 80 GB.

Drive Image 5.0 will be available in late September for a suggested retail price of U.S. $69.95.

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