Quantum|ATL Super DLTtape Drives In M1500 Libraries

Quantum|ATL, a subsidiary of Quantum Corporation and a supplier of intelligent DLTtape(TM) automation products for networked computers, today announced availability of Super DLTtape(TM) drives with its M1500 enterprise-class library.

According to the company, Super DLTtape drives offer nearly three times the capacity of DLTtape drives, greatly reducing the costs of storage on a per-gigabit basis and the impact on a per rack/unit basis. In addition, Super DLTtape drives provide read and write speeds that are nearly twice as fast as DLTtape drives.

“Data needs have exploded in the last several years, driven by the incredible growth of the Internet,” said Scott Maccabe, senior vice president of sales, marketing and service for Quantum|ATL. “Quantum is enabling companies to keep pace with this unprecedented growth by offering next-generation Super DLTtape drives with increased speed and capacity, within the same footprint, and with the same reliability customers have come to expect from Quantum|ATL.”

Super DLTtape drives build on the DLTtape platform. The first version of the new technology, the SDLT(TM) 220 tape drive, offers 110 GB of native storage capacity per cartridge and an 11 MB/second sustained native data transfer rate. Using the built-in hardware based data compression, capacity and performance can be doubled for most data types. The SDLT 220 tape drives are available in the M1500 with Ultra2 SCSI LVD interfaces.

The modular M1500 library, introduced in February 2001, is designed for Global 2000 and e-commerce 100 companies. Using an independent element called StackLink(TM), cartridges can be moved from one module to another in seconds, completely transparent to the data application, so multiple modules act as a single, larger integrated library. In addition, customers can add modules on an “as-needed” basis, even while the system remains online, allowing them to scale library capacity and performance as their backup needs grow. The M1500 also has the highest volumetric efficiency in its class. Using SDLT 220 tape drives, a single M500 library can store up to 4.4 TB with performance ranging up to 158.4 GB/hour. A fully expanded library using ten modules can scale up to 44 TB and throughput demands up to 1.6 TB/hour (all specifications assume 2:1 data compression).

The M1500 with Super DLTtape is available immediately, with a manufacturer’s suggested list price starting at $23,240 for a single drive unit. Super DLTtape is also available in the PowerStor L200 and P1000/P2000/P3000/P6000 Series automated tape libraries from Quantum|ATL.

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