Seagate Disc Drives Chosen for Ultra320 SCSI Demos

Seagate Technology this week announced that LSI Logic has chosen Seagate’s Cheetah X15-36LP disc drives for its Ultra320 SCSI RAID demonstrations at Comdex. Seagate drives will also featured in LSI Logic’s Ultra320 SCSI interoperability demonstration.

LSI Logic said it will showcase its latest Enterprise-level solutions using Cheetah X15-36LP disc drives with its Ultra320 PCI SCSI MegaRAID Elite 1700 RAID controller, and Fusion-MPT (Message Passing Technology) based LSI53C1030 Ultra320 SCSI controller featuring Integrated Mirroring.

“Enterprise customers require storage solutions without compromise. Drives need to be fast, proven reliable and fully interoperable,” said David Steele, LSI Logic’s director of product planning and management. “Seagate’s Ultra320 Cheetah X15-36LP disc drives working in conjunction with LSI Logic’s Ultra320 SCSI controllers and LSI Logic’s MegaRAID Elite 1700 RAID solution will enable our customers to access information at industry-leading speeds in shippable products. Both companies have well-earned reputations for reliability and customers can depend on Seagate and LSI Logic solutions to be interoperable and performance driven.”

“Last year, Seagate announced it was the first company to successfully demonstrate Ultra320 SCSI disc drive technology as defined by the SPI-4 standard,” said Daniel Nicewander, Seagate executive director of ESG Business Development. “As a result of Seagate’s Ultra320 SCSI technology development expertise and leadership, the final implementation of Ultra320 SCSI within Seagate’s product families is truly world-class. Seagate is proud that LSI Logic has chosen our flagship Cheetah X15-36LP disc drives for its demonstrations and in recognizing the unmatched value that they deliver to enterprise customers.”

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