Tricord Launches Lunar Flare Application Appliance

Tricord Systems, Inc. , developer of Illumina(TM) clustering software and the Lunar Flare(TM) NAS appliance, today announced a new application appliance series for independent software developers and systems integrators, Lunar Flare AA 1100 and AA 1200.

The company said each Lunar Flare AA 1100 provides 135 GBs of capacity, for a total of 2 TBs of clustered capacity with 16 appliances. The Lunar Flare AA 1200 appliance offers 240 GBs capacity, with a cluster of 16 appliances providing almost 4 TBs of raw capacity.

“The introduction of Tricord’s new application appliance series signifies an important opportunity for application developers and systems integrators to offer their customers a solution that combines the application server and the application storage,” said Joan Wrabetz, President and CEO, Tricord Systems. “Our new Lunar Flare application appliance series greatly expands the functionality of our patented technology, by supplementing our existing NAS product line with a rich platform for software developers who understand the benefits of using clustered appliances to host their content-hungry applications.”

Tricord said its application appliance series combines a high-performance Linux server with built-in clustered storage. According to Tricord, hosting the application on an Illumina-based cluster will eliminate the need for separate application and storage appliances, and greatly reduce the management costs for customers.

Tricord Systems’ new Application Partner Program supports certification of applications with Lunar Flare clusters. An application can be certified either as an integrated application running on the Lunar Flare Application Appliance platform, or as a tethered application using Lunar Flare NAS as back-end storage. In addition, Tricord said it provides support for systems integrators that wish to certify applications with the Lunar Flare AA series.

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