TeraCloud Announces Remote TapeCopy Software

TeraCloud Corporation, a provider of storage resource management solutions, today announced its latest storage resource management (SRM) product, Remote TapeCopy(TM) (RTC).

According to the company, RTC intelligently automates the process of OS/390 tape backup and recovery by tracking critical (user-defined) and recently altered tape data sets and mirroring them to a remote facility. It is hardware independent and provides disaster recovery for production tape subsystems and creates a backup of updated and newly created tapes or data sets. Additionally, RTC interfaces with a production scheduler to dynamically manage remote copy functions, restarting the copy process and notifying the administrator if the copy attempt was unsuccessful. It also maintains an audit trail of the history and tasks completed.

“In the event of a disaster, businesses can lose days trying to recover all of their tape data,” says Douglass Ebstyne, CEO of TeraCloud Corporation. “Given the current business environment, lost time can quickly translate into lost revenue. Remote TapeCopy reduces the time to recovery and can be used with existing tape infrastructures, providing one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market today.”

TeraCloud is set to debut Remote TapeCopy at the IBM Storage and Storage Networking Symposium this week.

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