TrelliSoft StorageAlert V1.3 Adds Event Management

TrelliSoft, Inc., a provider of web-based storage resource management (SRM) solutions, today announced that StorageAlert V1.3 now provides event management.

StorageAlert’s Triggered Action Facility allows administrators to define configurable thresholds and constraints that result in notification or action. For example, if StorageAlert discovers data that has not been accessed in more than a year, it can trigger a utility to archive the data.

“Storage policy management was the original impetus for including rule-based quotas and constraints in our software,” said Stephen Donovan, President and CEO of TrelliSoft, Inc. “But as we began to identify potential problems for our customers, it became clear that finding the problems was not going to be enough. Organizations need a way to find and fix problems–or potential problems–as they are discovered. The expanded Triggered Action Facility enables us to provide automated solutions through event management.”

Trellisoft said that because StorageAlert’s Triggered Action Facility is script-based, organizations can use any third-party tools for actions, such as archiving, back-up and recovery, or provisioning.

StorageAlert V1.3 is available immediately. Pricing begins at $1,000 for a single Intel-based processor.

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