VFZoom Digital Image Storage Products

VFZoom today announced the availability of Version 2.2 of its suite of VFZoom server and client-side solutions for scaling, compressing, archiving, viewing, converting, managing, tracking, and securing digital images in sizes from 5 percent to 1200 percent.

According to VFZoom, the products are designed for graphic arts enterprises. They also say that VFZoom Version 2.2 solutions are ideal for distributing and printing high-quality graphic files over a LAN/WAN or the Web. It is a browser-based solution, is compatible with popular image formats including TIFF, JPEG, and BMP, and is 100 percent reversable.

The server product line includes VFZ Streaming Server, VFZ File and VFZ PADS (Protected Archives Distribution System). VFZ Client Applications include all the tools necessary for storing, converting, viewing and printing VFZ files. These applications include VFZoom, VFZ Photoshop Pro Plug-In, VFZ Photoshop Basic Plug-in, and VFZ Viewer.

The VFZ Viewer is downloadable and free. VFZoom is $119, VFZ Photoshop Basic Plug-in is free and the VFZ Photoshop Pro Plug-in is $199. Prices for server-level products begin at $2980 for a 50-user license.

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