Xdrive Introduces Xdrive Plus

Internet storage company Xdrive Technologies Inc. today introduced Xdrive Plus., an individual offering that includes features previously only available to enterprise and service provider customers.

According to the Xdrive, this new subscription service features heightened security through 128-bit SSL technology, peer-to-peer file sharing, tech support and increased speed of transfers, as well as safe and seamless file storage and access from any Web-enabled device, including wireless.

With the introduction of Xdrive Plus, which is advertising-free, the company announced it is phasing out Xdrive Express, a previous individual offering that was supported by advertising revenue. The conversion is part of the company’s broader shift away from an advertising-driven revenue model to that of an enterprise software and service provider.

Xdrive Plus subscribers will receive two weeks of free trial service, after which the monthly price will be $4.95 for the first 25 MB of storage. Service plans can be customized to accommodate as much space as required. Extra storage is available in blocks as small as 25 MB ($2.95 per month) to as large as one Gigabyte ($69.50 per month) and can be dynamically expanded or shrunk at will. Current Xdrive Express users will also be given 10 days (4/24) in which they can convert their accounts to Xdrive Plus or remove their files.

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