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Scour.net Helps Users Find Multimedia On the Internet

The publisher of the Web service Scour.net, a search engine and guide for finding audio, video and images on the Internet, began promotion of its unique, multimedia-finding capabilities.

Created by Scour, Inc., of Los Angeles, Scour.net is one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet.

Founded by five UCLA computer science students, Scour.net is designed to enable users worldwide to find pictures, movie scenes, music clips, concerts and sporting events--returning ranked results in much the same way as the major text-based search engines. Unlike other search services, though, the company said it has an image index featuring over one million thumbnails, giving users a precise impression of the image before downloading.

"On the Internet today, over 800 radio stations broadcast live content, over 50 professional sports teams broadcast live games, record companies offer thousands of hours of music samples and movie companies offer video clips from their latest movie releases," said Dan Rodrigues, president and CEO of Scour. "This is truly exciting and compelling content. What Scour.Net offers is a precise way to find this content without browsing hundreds of Web pages or thousands of search results."

Scour.net also offers users a complete guide to multimedia on the Internet, with facilities for navigating a directory of multimedia rich Web sites, the firm stated. It carries news about music and entertainment, has a daily showcase of multimedia on the web, and instructs users how to install and configure the latest audio and video players.

Scour.net is reportedly receiving over 15 million visits per month. It is being hosted at AboveNet Communications, and is supported by advertising, in partnership with 24/7 Media.