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Biden Moves to Bolster Chip Industry, But It will Take Time, Money
By Jeff Burt | IT Management Article Published February 26, 2021
U.S. chip manufacturing and supply chains are in crisis. The Biden Administration plans to help.

SD-WAN Spending, Market to Rebound Post-Pandemic
By Jeff Burt | Networking Article Published February 23, 2021
SD-WAN was sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic, but will make a comeback this year even as enterprise connectivity has been changed.

Nvidia's $40 Billion Bid for ARM Sees Resistance in Changing Chip Market
By Jeff Burt | IT Management Article Published February 18, 2021
Nvidia's bid for ARM faces opposition from understandably worried competitors. One is Intel, where Pat Gelsinger started as CEO this week.

As Tech Industry's Influence and Power Grow, So Does Political Scrutiny
By Jeff Burt | IT Management Article Published February 12, 2021
The tech industry has been at the center of events in D.C. lately, and pressure on the industry has come from all sides of the political spectrum.

Databricks' $1 Billion Funding Round Puts Focus on Data Management, AI
By Jeff Burt | Software Article Published February 9, 2021
A sky-high valuation for Databricks is proof of the value of AI solutions that can make sense of massive amounts of data.