Sony Reups e-Reader in Challenge to iPad

While Sony had seemed on the fence about the prospects of the tablet market, it is confident about e-readers, announcing plans to launch a new and online content-distribution service in Japan by the end of the year.

With Apple’s introduction of the iPad, some industry observers had questioned the long-term viability of the standalone e-reader. But Sony, like Amazon, appears committed to the form.

Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at Sony’s prospects for success as it renews its efforts in the e-book business.

Just a few weeks after expressing doubt about the viability of the tablet market, Sony has decided to go ahead and challenge the iPad, but only in one area: The Japanese electronics giant announced in Tokyo that it plans to launch an e-reader and online content-distribution service in Japan by year-end.

Sony said it also plans to launch its e-book operations in China, Australia, Spain and Italy this year.

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Sony Makes Renewed E-Reader Push to Take On iPad

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