Activerse Releases Ding! for Unix

Activerse, Inc. announced today it
released a Unix version of its Ding! instant messaging client, one of the
first all-Java presence management/instant communications systems.

Unix is still widely used in engineering and high-performance computing
workstations. The Ding! Switchboard, which is the Java-based server
component to the presence platform, has been available for the Unix
platform since January of this year.

Ding! and Ding! Switchboard allow companies to develop workgroup-based
collaboration solutions that are scalable to the individual, group,
enterprise, or community.

Ding! enables users to manage their own online presence by controlling
their availability and managing who has access to them. It also instantly
shows users who is online and available. Ding! features a full range of
instant communication tools, including instant messaging, chat, file
transfer, and live status bulletins.

Unix versions of Ding! may be downloaded from the Activerse Web site, or
you may contact Activerse directly. Ding! 1.0 also runs on Microsoft’s
Windows 95 and NT operating systems, and Activerse will offer support for
other Java platforms later this year.

The Ding! Enterprise pack retails for $695, which includes a Ding!
Switchboard and a 20-client pack. The Ding! client is free for
noncommercial use and retails for $29.95 per user for commercial and
business purposes. For additional information, visit the Activerse Web site.

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