ActiveState Releases Visual Debugger for Win32 Perl

ActiveState Tool Corp. this week announced the release of its Perl Debugger, the industry’s first visual Perl debugging environment for Win32 developers.

After a lengthy testing period in which developers used the pre-release version of ActiveState Perl Debugger in production environments, ActiveState said the response to the Win32 Perl Debugger has been extremely positive.

Users have been reporting “shorter development times, improved interactive programming and a higher degree of confidence in the quality of finished products,” according to the company.

The market for Win32 Perl development tools is still expanding, according to a recent IntelliQuest report which indicated that 56 percent of organizations building Web applications on their corporate intranets plan to deploy on a Windows NT Server, while only eight percent plan to deploy on a UNIX server.

The ActiveState Perl Debugger retails for $95 for a single license, with multiple licenses available at a discounted rate. For more information, visit the ActiveState Web site.

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