ActiveState’s PerlEx Speeds Up Web Sites

ActiveState Tool Corp. this week announced the release of PerlEx, a plug-in for Microsoft Windows NT Web servers designed to improve the performance of Perl scripts by up to 30 times.

PerlEx will operate on Windows NT-based Web servers from O’Reilly &
Microsoft and Netscape. The tool can be used with existing Perl scripts
without the need to modify them.

PerlEx works by initially compiling Perl scripts and storing them in memory to ensure that the scripts do not have to be compiled for each user request.

The plug-in also improves performance by enabling persistent database connections; in this manner a new connection is not required for each request. Additionally, PerlEx features multiple interpreters that can execute multiple scripts simultaneously, improving a Web server’s performance even more.

PerlEx makes Perl scripts work more efficiently using a feature called
“Solar.” Solar enables a single copy of data to be shared between multiple Perl interpreters. Also, using PerlEx, Perl code may be embedded directly in the Web pages in a manner similar to Active Server Pages.

PerlEx sells for a retail price of $395 for a single machine license. For
additional information about PerlEx, or to purchase the product, visit the
ActiveState Web site.

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