Adobe Announces ImageReady Web Graphic Tool

Adobe Systems Inc. today announced Adobe ImageReady 1.0, an image-processing utility that aims to streamline the Web design and editing process by providing designers with a fast and easy method of preparing images for the Web.

Readers can access a full review of the new product today on

Adobe sees ImageReady 1.0 as the tool that will put the fun back in the Web
image creation process. Instead of using several different software programs,
developers will be able to work within one program to optimize their Web

Adobe ImageReady works seamlessly in conjunction with other Adobe imaging
software, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Designers can
create and develop images in Photoshop or Illustrator and use Adobe ImageReady to optimize the images.

ImageReady also works well in conjunction with other image creation and editing software. The product’s automation capability may be used to apply the optimum compression setting to a single image, or every graphic on a Web site.

The new utility has many creative and time-saving features:

  • no more choosing between image quality and file size
  • ability to optimize animated GIFs by using the built-in animation palette
  • users can preview graphics by using the browser dither capability

Adobe ImageReady will have a retail price of $299, and is expected to ship in
the second quarter of 1998. Through July, users can download a demo version of the software from the Adobe Web site.

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