Adobe Debuts App to Bring Flash to iOS

Much has been made of Apple’s defiant stand against Adobe’s Flash technology. CEO Steve Jobs has maligned Adobe’s media software for being buggy and unreliable, instead throwing his company’s considerable weight behind HTML 5.

But Adobe is looking into a workaround. The company has released Wallaby, an experimental application that will convert Flash files such as animations and banners ads, into HTML, which would then be available on the iPhone and iPad.

Adobe, for its part, acknowledged that Wallaby is only in its early stages, and emphasized that it is only one tool developers can use to broaden the reach of their applications.

“Wallaby’s design goal was not to produce final form HTML ready for deployment to Web pages,” the company said. “Instead it focuses on converting the rich animated graphical content into a form that can easily be imported into other Web pages in development with Web page design tools like Dreamweaver.”

HTML Goodies has the full report.

Read the full story at HTML Goodies:

Adobe’s Wallaby to Convert Flash Banners, Animations to HTML for Mobile

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