AOL Acquires iAmaze

America Online Inc. said on Tuesday it will acquire iAmaze, a San Francisco-based Internet technology company specializing in Web-based applications created in “Dynamic” HTML (DHTML), for an undisclosed sum.

iAmaze has created a leading DHTML platform that produces Web-based
applications which are fast,
intuitive and accessible from any Internet browser or device. DHTML is an
emerging technology that
substantially enhances the interactivity, speed and functionality of
Web-based applications by enabling
changes to be made without reloading the Web page, or going back to the

In addition, DHTML applications are designed to run on all browsers and
operating systems, without
downloads or plug-ins. AOL said that iAmaze will help further strengthen its
services by providing
Web-based applications from this platform with the speed and functionality
of traditional client-side
desktop applications.

Barry Schuler, President of AOL Interactive Services, said: “iAmaze’s leading technology allows consumers to access their applications from any Internet-enabled device. iAmaze will help further our AOL Anywhere
strategy, enabling our members and users of our Web-based brands to use the interactive services they value
and count on anytime, anywhere.”

Prior to the acquisition, iAmaze’s technology platform was used to create a number of highly intuitive and interactive Web-based applications, which are accessible through all popular Web browsers, allowing users to access their data from any hardware platform.

The flagship product allows users to create online “slideshows,” including photo albums, auction item advertisements, homepages, business presentations, and more. iAmaze also has developed a Web-based word processor and calendar. In addition, iAmaze’s platform allows multiple users to collaborate in real time on these Web-based applications.

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