Apache: 1 Million Sites Served

The Apache Web server this week surpassed even its own record, serving up at least 1,059,868 sites, according to a monthly Netcraft Web server survey.

Netcraft contacts all known Web servers on the Internet each month and queries the Web server software to find out the server type. The April survey included responses from 2,215,195 Web sites. Results for the month indicate a jump of over 1% for Apache which was located on 47.85% of all the sites.

Microsoft, which came in second place, increased its market share by 0.12% to 21.75%, with Netscape in third spot, down 0.16% to 9.60%. Netscape was followed by NCSA, down 0.21% to 3.11%.

Apache led the list of specific software cited in the survey, followed by Microsoft IIS, Netscape Enterprise, NCSA, and finally RapidSite.

Breaking the sites down by domain extensions, Apache still dominated the
“.com” domain, holding a 48.89% share, more than double that of Microsoft-IIS at 21.80%.

The survey also broke the statistics down to specific countries, and provides a glimpse of the Web server market for each nation.

Full details of the survey, along with a form that enables developers to query any Web server to find out which software a server is running, are available on Netcraft’s survey page.

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