Art and Applets for FrontPage Users

New FrontLook Series One from DPA Software gives users a collection of 33 business oriented themes, 15 animated Java applets and over 340 professionally designed clip art, buttons, bullets, banners, backgrounds and separator elements.

FrontLook Series One supports the full FrontPage 98 Extensions interface. This tight integration allows easy access to art themes and Java applets.

The 15 Java applets are text oriented Java applets that are not dependent on DHTML, JavaScript or JScript and work with both Netscape 3 and 4 and Internet Explorer 3 and 4. They add capabilities such as soft shadow, moving type and movement based on when the viewer passes the mouse over the text.

FrontLook Themes are a complete collection of coordinated buttons, bullets, banners, backgrounds and separator elements consistent with Microsoft FrontPage 98.

There are 20 different themes in FrontLook Series One, along with 13 more variations, for a total of 33 business-oriented themes. They are intended to dress up a site without making an art statement, thus keeping the focus on the site’s content.

Examples of FrontLook Series One’s themes, Java applets and clip art can be seen on the DPA Software site.

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