Aufrance Debuts Web Calendar Program

Aufrance Associates today announced the release of Calendar Internet, a server-based calendar program that enables developers to create and manage an online calendar or schedule of events on the Web or an intranet.

Calendar Internet doesn’t require any particular client software, and enables end-users to update the calendar’s database of events from anywhere via the Web. Users are able to create (and manage) their own passwords and events. Web designers do not need to have any HTML, CGI, or Java programming experience.

Geared especially for sites providing information about upcoming events, Calendar Internet can be used for organizational event calendars, community calendars, church bulletins, TV Guides, concert events, club activities, and more.

The tool includes customizable templates that enable developers to customize their own calendar pages and build unique calendar Web sites.

To use Calendar Internet, you must have access to a CGI-compliant Web server,
such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or O’Reilly’s WebSite.

For additional information or Calendar Internet pricing details, visit the
Aufrance Associates Web site. To see Calendar Internet in action, visit the Calendar Internet demo site.

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