Aufrance Releases Calendar Internet for IIS4

Aufrance Associates this week released the newest version of Calendar Internet for Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 (IIS4).

Calendar Internet enables Web developers to provide an interactive calendar of events for sites that run on Windows NT, such IIS or O’Reilly’s WebSite.

Calendar Internet’s functionality includes:

  • interactive and secure data entry of events via a Web browser
  • template-based customizable Web pages for events and sponsors
  • search for events
  • wall calendar for finding events on a particular day
  • optional transaction-based fees for posting events
  • secure credit card data entry
  • administrative functions such as customer lists, invoicing, etc.

Many sites are already using Calendar Internet, including the Atlanta
Convention and Visitors Bureau, the University of Hawaii, the University of
Michigan, Sandia Labs, and the Rodman Public Library of Alliance, Ohio.

For a demonstration of Calendar Internet, visit the Bontemps Calendar site. Those interested in seeing how the Calendar Internet works can try the software by registering as a participating organization and posting their own events on the calendar.

For additional information, or to purchase Calendar Internet, visit the
Aufrance Associates Web site.

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