Software Development Tools Released as Open Source Tuesday released
its fourth-generation enterprise software development and information
management tools as open source.

The new products, InfoDock, an integrated development environment, the OO-Browser, an object-oriented
code browser) and Hyperbole, an hypertextual information manager with Web integration are available now for download at the company’s Web site.

InfoDock is an integrated development environment (IDE) with multi-language editors, point and click compiler, debugger interfaces, and color-coded program editing.’s OO-Browser is an object-oriented code browser that supports
most major object-oriented languages (Java, C++/C, Python, Eiffel,
Objective-C, Lisp (CLOS) and Smalltalk). It assists developers in
understanding complex OO architectures.

BeOpen’s third application is Hyperbole, a hypertextual information
management and outliner system. It is intended for everyday work on any
UNIX or Windows platform. Hyperbole includes a set of hypertextual button
types, including Internet URLs, which may be embedded in ordinary text
documents, source code and email messages. Hyperbole also features a
hierarchical contact management system with free-form records and full-text

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