Bluestone To Use Intraware for XML

Intraware Inc. and Bluestone Software Inc. this week announced an expansion of their current partnership that will have Intraware providing primary Web-based software for Bluestone’s XML Suite.

Bluestone created Bluestone XML Suite to enable developers to easily make and deploy e-commerce, electronic data interchange, application integration, and supply chain management applications. Intraware is offering an introductory price of $995 per single license until April 30, including Bluestone XML-Server, Bluestone XML-Server Interactive Distance Learning, Bluestone Visual-XML Database Publishing Wizard, XML Editor, Java Code Editor, SQL Editor and DTD Editor. Also included is a coupon redeemable for a full copy of Bluestone Visual-XML when it becomes available in May.

With this announcement, Bluestone will utilize Intraware’s Web-based product research, electronic software purchase and delivery, and software management services to enhance its customers’ technology assessment efforts and increase product sales. Intraware will benefit from the partnership with an increased number of products available through its Web Development product category with the addition of Bluestone’s XML products.

Bluestone XML-Server is a dynamic XML server, which is defined as the middle-tier link which integrates legacy and new data sources with XML documents. Bluestone Visual-XML is a developer’s toolkit which enables companies to create XML-based applications. The tool generates document type definitions (DTDs) and XML documents based on data sources and binds the XML documents to data sources using drag-and-drop programming which generates pure Java and pure XML code. Bluestone’s XwingML is public domain software from Bluestone labs that speeds the learning curve for early adoptors of XML/Java tools. It is a development platform used to merge XML and Java, and enables users to create XML documents that generate Java GUIs without requiring the user to program in Java.

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