Clusterspace Java System for Linux Launched

Siliware announced
the upcoming beta release of its Clusterspace system for parallel
processing on Linux clusters.

Clusterspace was written entirely in Java, and is an object-oriented
cluster management system designed and built for high-availability and
high-performance computing.

Clusterspace enables developers to utilize parallel JavaBeans, JDBC, Java
Transaction Servers and additional Java-based component technologies.
Clusterspace features an object-oriented architecture and small footprint,
making it ideal for those looking for a framework with which to embed and
distribute their Linux cluster products.

The beta version of Clusterspace will be available beginning November 30
for qualified applicants. Registration for Siliware’s beta program will
start November 16. The full version of Siliware 1.0 is expected to be
released December 31.

Introductory developer prices start at $765 and server licenses at $1,377
until January 31. For additional information about Clusterspace, visit the
Siliware Web site.

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