Content Software Creates Instant Portals announced its Portalware content management product suite for managing and delivering content over the Internet.

Portalware allows organizations to build
customized portals to aggregate,
categorize and deliver content for their customers.

Portalware is based on the idea that many organizations recognize the
Internet as a highly efficient content delivery mechanism, but have been
limited by the high degree of technical skill required to deploy large
content populations and the graphical limitations of HTML.

coined the term Portalware to represent a class of products that provide
automated and elegant document categorization and Web delivery to
businesses and organizations while reducing their programming, speed, and
cost burdens.

The Portalware product suite includes CollectionPortal and InfoPortal.
Both products run on NT and Solaris operating systems. CollectionPortal is
for general purpose use, while InfoPortal is targeted at large sales and
marketing organizations and health sciences regulatory affairs
organizations that require ongoing or dynamic content creation and

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