Cosmo Issues “Code Challenge”

Cosmo Software today announced the “Cosmo Code Challenge,” a Java contest that invites developers to put their Java programming skills to the test.

Cosmo said it will hold daily drawings for copies of its Cosmo Code Java IDE, with the Grand Prize winner receiving $500 worth of snack food to keep programming on a full stomach.

The contest is designed around an applet created by Cosmo which the company has intentionally broken. The name of the game is to look at the code and find out where and what the problem is.

Contestants can download a free trial copy of the Cosmo Code IDE to help them
in the debugging process, and are free to use any tool they wish to
find the bug.

Cosmo, however, indicated that using Cosmo Code will give programmers an advantage over other IDEs as they search for the problem, due to Code’s debugging capabilities.

For more information on the contest, visit Cosmo’s official Code Challenge Web page.

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