CyberGuard Goes Two-For-Three

CyberGuard Corp. Thursday unveiled its latest firewall appliance, STARLord, targeted at large data centers with high-bandwidth requirements.

The STARLord release is the second phase in CyberGuard’s three-pronged strategy. The first was the release of KightSTAR, the company’s first premium appliance firewall. The third phase will be the fall release of FireSTAR, a firewall appliance geared to smaller offices and businesses.

Available in late October for $79,995, STARLord combines CyberGuard’s firewall software technology with a high-performance hardware platform. STARLord can be directly connected to gigabit interfaces for both in- and out-bound data and can support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections without compromising performance.

“As communication and technology continue to advance at Internet speed, infrastructure companies and service providers are under intense pressure to deliver more information faster, without compromising security for customers,” said David Proctor, CyberGuard’s president and chief executive officer. “Previously, ultra-high security meant slowing data transmission. That is why we developed STARLord. It meets the needs of users who require extra-heavy bandwidth and ultra-high security.”

The appliance is a fully integrated, high-density, pre-staged and ready to operate firewall that includes browser-based central and remote management features. It carries an ITSEC E-3 certification and is built to NSA B-2 specifications with a hardened UNIX-based operating system. In its standard configuration it has a 4U form factor, Quad Processor Architecture, three redundant power supplies, hot swappable fans with fault protection, two gigabit Ethernet NICs, two Quad Port high performance NICs, one gigabyte memory, RAID 5 for performance and fault tolerance, and a full-spectrum firewall with stateful inspection — including a full set of application proxies.

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