Demicron Unveils MenuMaster Java Applets

software developer Demicron ( announced the release
of its latest Java Applet package MenuMaster, consisting of 20 Menu
Applets for homepages.

MenuMaster is a product in the SiteEnhancement series, which also includes
the popular Applet FX and Applet FX Light. Also included is Demicron’s
latest version of the Visual Applet Configurator, a visual tool that helps
the user through the configuration and installation procedure of applets on

MenuMaster consists of a mix of 2D and 3D menus for many different types of
Web pages, both with single and multi-leveled tree structures. All applets
have several configurable parameters, allowing the users to change the
applets’ appearance and functionality, e.g. by changing colors, texts,
images and sounds. This makes it possible to give the applets a unique look
and makes them compatible with the design theme of the homepages on which
they are used.

The MenuMaster Demo is an offline-working version of the commercial version
of MenuMaster with no time limits, allowing the user to utilize the product
on his/her local computer. Visual Applet Configurator is the tool that
manages the applets. It has tailor-made configuration dialogs for each
applet included, which allow the user to change all the applets’ parameters
using a visual interface.

Visual Applet Configurator also has an integrated FTP-tool that takes
care of all necessary transfers of HTML-files, applets, images and sounds
to and from the web-servers. New for Visual Applet Configurator is the
ability to now easily configure menu applets that have complicated tree

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