DHTML Action Kit for NetObjects Fusion Announced

NetObjects, Inc. today announced plans to introduce its new DHTML Action Development Kit (DDK) within the next 60 days.

NetObjects said the toolkit will enable third-party developers to create DHTML ActionSets, collections of DHTML Actions that address a specific user need, such as adding sound or unique animation effects to NetObjects Fusion-based Web sites.

DHTML ActionSets are built using JavaScript Beans, the industry-standard specification for containers.

NetObjects also announced that Headspace, Inc., the Internet audio pioneer, has successfully used the DDK to create the Beatnik ActionSet which allows NetObjects Fusion authors to add sound to Web sites.

The DDK consists of a set of open application interfaces (APIs), documentation, templates, and examples of DHTML Actions.

NetObjects Fusion 3.0’s multi-level DHTML interaction support is derived from
its message-based model. Unlike linear solutions like timeline-based
approaches, a message-based approach is object-oriented, allowing authors
to establish complex relationships between objects on a Web page.

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