Elemental to Offer “SmartElements” in Drumbeat 2.0

Elemental Software this week announced that RealNetworks’ RealPlayer and navigation controls will become SmartElements in its Drumbeat 2.0 product.

The move is designed to provide developers with the tools they need to rapidly create interactive, streaming media applications–without writing code.

By using Drumbeat 2.0, Web developers can utilize Point-and-Click Interactions to create pages that integrate SmartElements. SmartElements represent the fundamental “building blocks” of Web-based applications, and include graphics, buttons, text, Java applets, ActiveX controls, scriptlets, and plug-ins.

Developers will be able to combine the new RealPlayer SmartElements with other Drumbeat elements, enabling users to select interactions from the menus to build streaming media sites that feature forms, multimedia effects, streaming media, or record-set navigation.

Elemental said one of the benefits of database-driven applications
built into Drumbeat is that they enable individuals to contribute to, maintain, and update the Web application using the Web browser interface.

This allows separate corporate departments to add videos, text, documents or charts without having to contact the original developer to make any changes. And by deploying Drumbeat SmartPages, developers can take advantage of the most advanced Web browser features while still supporting older browsers.

For additional information about Drumbeat, visit the Elemental Software Web

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