EmWeb Version 4.0 Web Server Unveiled

Agranat Systems,
this week announced EmWeb Version 4.0, the high-performance,
intelligent embedded Web server that was specifically designed for
real-time embedded systems.

EmWeb works in conjunction with any standard Web browser and does not
require a specific operating system, although it has been ported to
Tornado, pSOS, Nucleus, Chorus, and others. EmWeb has a small footprint of
about 25K bytes, and includes full support for HTTP 1.1, XML, HTML, TCN,
and other emerging standards. The tool uses a unique HTML-to-C interface
which integrates forms and dynamic content with embedded firmware–all
without requiring the use of CGI-based applications.

New features of EmWeb make the integration of SNMP MIBs (and other
databases) and dynamic tables a quick, easy process. EmWeb provides OEM
developers with faster access to real-time data; as a result, coding time,
time to market and manpower resource utilization are all decreased while
functionality is increased.

The EmWeb utilizes Namespace macros to increase database access speed by

  • Integration of SNMP objects with dynamic Web content
  • Compile-time translation to object identifiers
  • Extensibility to other database access methods
  • Addition of new objects without recompiling

This new release of EmWeb Version 4.0 is available now. For additional
information about EmWeb, visit the Agranat Systems Web site.

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