Extensibility Announces XML Authority Schema-Development Tools

Extensibility on Friday announced the beta release of XML Authority, a group of schema development tools which enable developers to quickly model, create and manage XML schemas using a variety of sources.

XML Authority is able to generate schemas using sources such as existing Document Type Definitions (DTDs), Java classes, ODBC data structures, COM objects and XML documents.

XML Authority allows developers to support new standards without compromising any corporate mandates or emerging Web standards. Output formats include:

  • standard DTD syntax
  • Microsofts XML-Data
  • Data Definition Markup Language (DDML)
  • Document Content Description (DCD)
  • Schema for Object Oriented XML (SOX)
  • an example XML document

XML Authority supports the XML 1.0 schema specification, along with support for data typing and namespaces. Since Microsofts Internet Explorer 5 supports XML-Data, users can now convert their existing schema formats for use with MSIE5.

Developers use XML-based schemas to identify the objects, properties and relationships for their XML-based solutions. XML Authority enables these developers to easily create, modify and manage these elements using a visual environment. XML Authority’s graphical user interface enables users to import or create schemas, and view document elements, attributes, entities, and other objects using a hierarchical tree.

A single-user license for XML Authority is scheduled to be priced at $99.95, with corporate licenses also available. The XML Authority beta release is available for downloading now from the Extensibility Web site.

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