FileNet Partners With Autonomy

FileNet Corp.’s Panagon eSolutions and Autonomy, a leading portal technology
provider, have partnered to form an alliance that will add Autonomy’s
categorization and personalization technology to Panagon eSolutions’ portal

By using Autonomy’s technology, Panagon eSolutions hopes to fine-tune its
identification and classification tools for portal users.

“Autonomy’s technology can analyze and rank the ideas within any piece of
text, regardless of its origin,” said Mark Chealander, vice president and
general manager of Panagon eSolutions. This capability will allow Panagon’s
to “automate some of the most time consuming
tasks associated with building and maintaining a portal,” he noted.

tasks include categorizing, tagging, linking, and personalizing vast volumes
of internal and external information from news feeds, e-mail messages, and
Web sites to Lotus Notes and other documents.

Panagon eSolutions also plans to use Autonomy’s technology to address
portal applications for tracking how content is used by clients &#0151 to
determine its value and establish best practices approaches in terms of
leveraging key content. Panagon eSolutions’ information portals currently
enable organizations to focus on information necessary to serve

The company’s portals enable users to easily find products and customers
within corporate databases or on the Internet from relevant background
information, such as market research and news feeds. The portal’s content
recommendation tool provides additional sources of
information, such as industry-related articles and white papers.

Founded in 1996, Autonomy powers large-scale, personalized systems for
knowledge management, enterprise portals, new media publishing and
e-commerce enterprises.

FileNet (FILE)
develops enterprise Web content management and e-business applications
designed to help enterprises build intranets, and business-to-business and
business-to-consumer portals, to be able manage their business information
and work processes more productively. The company was founded in 1982 and
currently employs more than 1,700 people. It reported revenue of $347
million for the year ended Dec. 31, 1999.

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